Wolff System continues to improve its respected sunlamps, this time in a new way. Some of Wolff's sunlamps have already passed an important environmental test. This test TCLP (for toxicity characteristic leaching procedure), when passed certifies that the tested lamps have so far reduced the environmentally hazardous wastes present at time of disposal that they are considered as solid waste instead of Hazardous waste.Our TCLP passing lamps have low levels of mercury and are environmentally friendly, helping to preserve our planet for future generations. Wolff System TCLP passing lamps will be identified by GREEN LABELS.


  1. In some states, spent lamps must be recycled or otherwise disposed of in specific ways by specially-certified disposal companies. This can be an expensive proposition for your business.
  2. Wolff System sunlamps passing the TCLP test are classified as solid waste and these lamps will have GREEN LABELS.
  3. TCLP-compliant sunlamps from Wolff System need not be handled as hazardous waste when it is time for disposal.
  4. Exceptions to point 3 at this time are California, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts (beginning May 2008), Maine, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.
  5. The Federal Universal Waste Rule allows small generators such as tanning salons to dispose of up to 220 pounds of hazardous waste monthly as normal refuse. TCLP-compliant sunlamps from Wolff System will not count against this maximum volume.
  6. For an explanation of the Federal Universal Waste Rule go to www.wolffsystem.com/faq_articles.html and click on 'Disposing of Lamps'.

We recommend recycling as the most responsible method for disposal of spent lamps.

Employing Wolff System sunlamps is the most environmentally¬responsible choice for those interested in preserving and protecting our natural resources. This is true whether you recycle, or dispose of spent lamps in some other way.

To learn of the regulations in your state, go to www.lamprecycle.org and click on 'State Lamp Recyding Regulations & Contacts'.